Extreme Weather

In the event of extreme weather or surrounding conditions, and in the interests of competitor safety, IMG reserves the right to cancel or delay an event/s at short notice. Cancelled events will not be rescheduled.

IMG will ensure that they provide a duty of care to all participants and staff, with the well-being of individuals being of highest importance. Extreme weather may be defined as weather that threatens the immediate or long-term safety of individuals, as a result of rain, lightening, wind or heat.

Contingency plans may be implemented when the following weather occurrences occur:

  • Wet Bulb Globe Temperature W(shade) >28
  • Ambient Temperature >36 degrees Celsius
  • Apparent Temperature (wind chill)
  • Wind Speed >40 km per hour
  • Rainfall >80mm within 24 hours
  • Lightning and rare atmospheric conditions
  • Any adverse impediments that may occur over the event course that are deemed to be a safety hazard.  Examples may include flooding, oil spills, vehicle accidents, fallen trees, or possibility of fires on total fire ban days etc.

During the days preceding an event, weather forecasts (http://www.bom.gov.au/) will be monitored by IMG to identify any potential extreme weather conditions.

During the event in the case of inclement weather, MEOC will communicate with the Weather Bureau regarding specific details of possible weather conditions including intensity, duration and likelihood.

In the situation that during the event will be adversely affected by extreme weather, consultation between IMG, Course Directors and relevant authorities, the race maybe suspended, postponed or cancelled as appropriate.

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