The ASICS Training Series

The ASICS Training Series is back for another year and you can find these sessions Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday mornings. Pick one, or pick all, just choose your challenge.

Tired of reeling out the long lonely training miles with nothing but your watch, your music and the pavement for company?

Why not join other people with just the same 10km, Half Marathon or Marathon goals in a 11 week series of training runs aimed at having you prepared, peaking and motivated to tackle your target race on 12th October.

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The first session commences on Sunday July 27.

  • Commencing in late July, the 2014 ASICS Training Run Series will guide your 10km, Half Marathon or Marathon training with varied paces, distances and courses to follow.
  • Each separate group will have at least one Run Leader to take command, so all you need to do is select your group then tag along for the ride. 
  • Sessions will be held on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, giving you the flexibility to select either session or both to supplement your training. 
  • Sessions are FREE to attend with a gold coin donation to CPEC optional

The 2014 ASICS Training Run Series follows a graduated program specifically designed to have you in condition when it counts. With experienced coaches to supervise the training and Run Leaders guiding you each step of the way, group training is an enjoyable way to build up the training kilometers whilst meeting new training partners and learning the craft of running along the way.
Our courses are designed to take in plenty of the elements you'll encounter on race day, so be prepared and join us in July for the 11 weeks that will help you reach your goal at the MCG.

Wednesday Sessions

Start Time: 6:00pm
Start Location: Janet Lady Clarke Pavilion in the Queen Victoria Gardens - Linlithgow Avenue, Melbourne

Saturday Sessions

Start Time: 8:00am
Start Location: Integrated Health 264 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley (Half Marathon training only)

Sunday Sessions

Start Time: 8:30am
Start Location: Genesis Fitness - 441 St Kilda Road Melbourne

Official Melbourne Marathon Physiotherapy group, Integrated Health, will be providing a physiotherapist on Sunday mornings on various weekends for all entrants training that morning to ask about injury prevention and injury management leading up to your big event.

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