Injury Prevention

Integrated Health is the official physiotherapy group for the Melbourne Marathon.
Their physiotherapists have a particular interest in preventing running injuries.
Here are 4 short videos on some of the key areas to consider as part of your training and injury prevention program to help you get through your chosen event.


The video demonstrates some stretching techniques for particularly problematic areas for distance runners
With most of us being time poor, Craig also offers a solution to completing a stretching routine when there isn't enough time to stretch after your run.

Strength and conditioning

Most amateur runners focus on getting the kilometres into their legs for the event but have little focus on strength training to ensure their body can last the distance.
Even a subtle lack of strength or control in one area of the body can lead to an injury when you are covering several kilometres. This in turn can lead to  poor running technique.
Here Craig demonstrates some key areas where runners lack strength and how this can contribute to pain and injuries.

Biomechanical assessments

Your running technique can be one of the main contributing factors to your injury. Performing an assessment of your running gait is part of the overall picture for injury prevention.
If possible, we ask runners to bring some footage of themselves running on their phone for our therapist to view. Otherwise we have treadmills at our Glen Waverley, Bayswater and Carrum Downs clinics to do on-site assessments.

Training Loads

How much and how to train is something that gets debated widely. Craig discusses some of the most common questions asked by runners preparing for their first distance event.

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