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Team Registration Details

The following information will help you with your team registration process which you will see an example of on the right hand side of the screen.


The Team name is what your team members will appear under throughout all aspects of the event.

Things to remember:

  • If you are a competitive team and wish to be eligible for team prizes, please specify the distance that your team is running in the team name. E.g. Team Blue – Marathon, Team Blue – Half Marathon. Remember that each must have five (5) competitors to be eligible.

  • If you are a corporate or university team you MUST include the business name within the team name. E.g. Team MEDIBANK.


There are six (6) Team categories that you can register in.

  • Corporate Male (Including Mixed)

  • Corporate Female

  • Social Male (Including Mixed)

  • Social Female

  • University Male (Including Mixed)

  • University Female

The way to differentiate between a ‘Corporate’ Team and a ‘Social’ Team is by the Team Name. If you are running as part of your corporation, the corporation must be included in the team name. If your social team is a group of friends from work but you’re not representing the business, you do not need to register as a corporate team.


The Team Captain is the main point of contact for both team members and for any correspondence from the Melbourne Marathon Team. If we have any questions regarding a certain team, we will contact the team captain.


Listing a telephone number isn’t required however it is best to list one in case we have an urgent matter to discuss. 


Please list an email address that you have regular access to.


There are two types of passwords that you will be required to provide when registering a team.

  • The standard password is optional. This is ideal if you are a private team who wishes to restrict access to friends and family only. Be sure to communicate this password to your team members so that they can complete their registration and enter your team. It is best not to password protect your team if it is an open team e.g. for a charity. This way anyone can run for your team and increase your team numbers!

  • The Team Admin password is just for you! You will need this password to login to the Team Management Area. Only you are to know this password. 

IMPORTANT – If you are setting up multiple teams using the same email address, you MUST use different admin passwords for each team otherwise you won’t be able to login!

Forgot either password? Please email and we will organise a reset.


Payment options are how you would like your team members to pay for their individual entries.

There are 2 types of Payment Options:

  • Pay Now - by selecting ‘Pay Now’, all entrants who choose to enter your team will be required to pay for their entry when they register.

  • Pay Later – by selecting ‘Pay Later’, the TEAM CAPTAIN is electing to pay for their team members entries. When a participant registers into a ‘Pay Later’ Team, they won’t be required to pay for their entry as the Team Captain has elected to pay for it at a later date. In this case, your team must be password protected. 

IMPORTANT – Please remember that any entrant in a pay later team is not a registered participant until their entry is paid for. Make sure that you pay for your team before the event sells out!