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How Do I register a Team?

You can organise a Team in any event however only teams in the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km Events are eligible for Team prizes and competitive teams must have a minimum of five (5) competitors.

Remember – if at any point you need further help, don’t hesitate to contact us:

03 9864 1118



If you choose to register a team under the 'Pay Later' payment system, you are opting to pay for your team members.

Once a team member registers, they will receive a confirmation email with no Bib Number allocated to them. Once their entry has been paid for, they will receive a second confirmation email with a Bib Number allocation.

Please note - An unpaid team member is not registered for the event until their entry is paid for!

IMPORTANT - Any unpaid entrant who remains unpaid at the close of the Early Bird Period will be removed and will be required to register again at the increased price. Team Captains, please remember to pay for your unpaid entrants before the end of the Early Bird Period!

Team Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to the Team Management Area?

To login to the Team Management area, please click here.

Why did I get allocated bib number ‘0’?

You have registered as part of a pay later team. You won’t be allocated a bib number until your entry is paid for by the team captain.

Why isn’t my Team Name appearing?
It can take up to 48 Hours for your team name to appear. Event Management must process your name manually to ensure there are no double ups or inappropriate names. If your name doesn’t appear after 48 hours, please email us at

What is a pay now/pay later team?
Please Click Here to learn more about pay now/pay later teams

I can’t remember my password?
Please email us at for a password reset