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Course Description

Click here to view the course map.

  • Start Batman Avenue.
  • Runners head north along Batman Avenue; left into Flinders Street, left into Swanston Street, cross to northbound (west side) service lane at Princes Bridge and then head south along St Kilda Road.
  • At St Kilda Junction, runners turn right into Fitzroy Street then right into Lakeside Drive and do an anticlockwise lap of Albert Park Lake.
  • The Lake loop requires runners to turn left into Albert Road Drive from Lakeside Drive and left into Aughtie Drive continuing around the Albert Park Lake roadway.
  • At the Carousel carpark, runners proceed behind and around Pits Building using Aughtie Walk, entering the pit lane in Aughtie Drive before U-turning approx 300m past the Pits Building.
  • Proceed along Aughtie Drive to a right hand turn into Village Green Rd and right into Lakeside Drive and LEFT in to Fitzroy St. (note: Marathon runners veer right).
  • Half Marathoners turn left into the St Kilda Road northbound service lanes and continue to LEFT hand turn into Southbank Blvd, right hand turn into Sturt St and proceed (under the St Kilda Rd) along Alexandra Ave to a right hand turn into Linlithgow Ave.
  • Proceed along Linlithgow Ave (note: marathon runners veer left into Birdwood Ave - HALF Marathon STAY on the RIGHT) until the right hand turn into St Kilda Road.
  • Proceed along St Kilda Road to a right hand turn at Princes Walk (just prior to) Fed Square.
  • Competitors then run along the path next to Birrarung Marr before veering right on to the William Barak Bridge.
  • At the end of the bridge they make a hairpin left hand turn on to Jolimont St followed by a left turn on to Brunton Avenue before a final left hand turn left into MCG and do the MCG loop to finish.

    Kilometre markers will be located at every 1km along the course.